Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

From air conditioning repair to commercial refrigeration, maintained is a crucial aspect of keeping your systems running smoothly and without undue hassle. Any refrigeration unit will have some version of a condenser coil, which requires air flow to work. This, of course, introduces contaminants and particulates which endanger the health of the unit itself. Without regular maintenance, costly failures are possible.

How will air conditioning repair benefit my refrigeration unit?

Of course, in an ideal world all refrigeration maintenance should be handled by a professional at least once a year, depending on how heavily each unit is run. However, there is a lot you can do to ensure the health of your unit between regular scheduled maintenance. Mostly, running a quick and simple checklist daily and weekly will help you extend the lifetime of your unit immensely and save on air conditioning repair.

What are the basic tasks to do?

The first thing you can do to avoid a costly air condition repair bill is check the condenser coil regularly. If it gets dirty or is attracting dirt, clean it off with a cloth or vacuum. Make sure you also visually inspect all gaskets and seals for rips, tears and abnormalities. It’s always a good idea to check that they are sealing properly too. Wash them down with a mild detergent and water if there is evidence of debris getting caught. If there is a drain or drain line, be sure to give it a clean too.

What can I do to take it further?

If you add these simple checks into your regular schedule, you will be able to keep the air conditioning repair schedule stretched to consider your budget. While twice yearly is the recommended maintenance schedule, for units that do not work constantly it can be stretched to a full year. It’s vital that you trust the company who does your yearly maintenance, so be sure that they are matching a reasonable checklist of completed tasks. There should be intense pressure cleaning of all coils and drains to ensure they are returned to spick and span condition, thorough temperature checking, cycling checks, checking of refrigerant levels, oiling of bearings and motors, hinge and gasket/seal inspections, calibration of thermometers, inspection of insulation and wiring, and you should be presented with both a detailed report of every task undertaken on every unit as well as a list of necessary repairs and replacements.

This process of air conditioning and refrigeration repair seems long winded and time consuming, and it can feel like a tight expense on limited budgets. However, this minor cost and inconvenience will add greatly to the years you can expect your unit to be in service for. Remember that the cost- both in replacement and in downtime- of a unit failure will far exceed basic maintenance over the years.

Setting up and maintaining a regular schedule of checks, as well as maintaining your units professionally at least once a year, will greatly add to the service life of your units and cut down on necessary refrigeration and air conditioning repair.

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