Heating and Cooling Trends that will Save you Money in 2018

The heating and cooling industry has advanced in technology by developing new functions, features,and system designed to improve the quality of life indoors at drastically low energy expenses. There has been many heating and cooling technology advancement in the last few years, that are improving our lives by changing. The systems are known to use much energy, and by enhancing HVAC operations and the system, efficiency homeowners could save a lot in energy consumption.

If you’re looking, replace to invest in a new heating and cooling system, leverage the further technological advancement in the industry that will allow you to save more in energy.

What are the Technological trends in Heating and cooling that can save you money in 2019?

Cooling Systems

Motion Activated Air Conditioning System

This heating and cooling system is fitted with sensors that are motion activated and kick on when there is a person present in the room. The system is more compact and portable, and highly reduces the cost of energy.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

An ice-powered air condition is designed to cool and freeze water during the night in a tank, and the ice can help cool the house the next day. Heating and cooling system are continually being tweaked for improvement, and the ice-powered system can provide enough cooling during the day peak demand hours for electricity.

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning 

The system uses solar energy to regulate house temperature. The system is further supplemented by natural gas making it highly efficient and effective in heating and cooling. It provides more temperature capabilities than other systems.  The system hasn’t become widespread yet, but it’s likely to take off within the next few years.  The system eliminates electricity costs.

Heating systems

Dual fuel heat pumps

The dual fuel pump is a combination of an electric heat pump and gas furnace system used to heat a home or building. The system is more efficient and provides maximum comfort when using a combination of fuel.

To regulate temperature the pump, draw on the gas heat to maximize efficiency at low temperatures and rise above 35 degrees, the electricity takes over. The initial system cost is high compared to the conventional system, but the valueis saved over the years make up for the up-front costs.

Geothermal Heat Pumps 

The pumps draw their energy directly from the earth through an underground looped pipe that absorbed heat and brings it into the home. The heating system can also be used to heat water. Thus it’ll help you save more on heating your house and free hot water over time.

Floor Heating system

Electric wires or lops of pipes circulate warm liquid beneath the flooring in your home is installed, the house benefits from the warmth. Instead of using hot air heating your home, the floor heating system generates radiant heat that eliminates swing in temperature.  The system can increase energy efficient by 30 percent compared to conventional heating and cooling system, although this depends on the level of insulation. Click here.

Ductless HVAC system

This system supplies conditioned air through a hidden maze of ductwork, and other use point-of-use air handlers that deliver packaged air directly into a room or specific area in the home. Ductless systems run with 40 percent more efficient than most heating and cooling systems. You will also enjoy simple installations and non-intrusive.

Fully Automated Homes

Smart homes are the new trend, with fully automated homes becoming the next reality. The apartments are fitted with automated appliances and products on the market with automated HVAC systems.  The HVAC heating and cooling systems are directly mounted into houses,and you can adjust according to your preferences using a smartphone.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems 

The system connects to an outside condensing unit to various fan coils through the house,and each cold evaporates in the system controlled individually to reduce waste form over-allocate resources.  The system area very efficient for homes, and also stimulate job growth and overall economic development within the coming years.

Last take

You can also leverage other high-tech features that will save you money on energy such as scroll compressors, Variable-speed motors, dual heat exchangers and smart control sensors. Consult with a Heating and Air conditioning company on the best system according to your needs, home, and budget.

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